Summary of Me
Version 5.2 What is this ? v5.2

Applying version numbers (on my CV) is something that I came up with to avoid outdated versions of my CV to misinform anyone. Its fairly simple, the PDF copies has version numbers on them. And there is a small warning that says "The latest version could be found at". So anyone who is interested in me should visit that link and see if the version number on their copy matches with the one on my site.

The versioning system is similar to versioning in programming. It goes like x.y.z. x means information change. If x is different with your version, you should probably download it again. y means design change. If I update the layout, color or that kind of stuff, I'll increment this. If you want your version to look better, then you should download it again ^.^ Otherwise, no need to download. You can just ignore the z part, but note that there may be a typo on the CV if your z is different with the one on the site. One last thing; when a number changes, the ones on the righ resets (ex: 4.1.1 would update to 5.0.0) so you should start checking the numbers from left ^.^